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Top 4 effective treatments to kill lice from hair

‘Lice’ is one word that panics almost every American in the USA. Think this way, you are not alone! Every 1 out of 5 people suffer from this issue once in their life. Thus, you don’t have to be embarrassed of the same. There are several treatments to get rid of lice issues. With the support of these treatments, you can resolve lice issues for life.

You may contact few centres for Lice removal Houston area and get relived of the fact that so many clients visit the centre with their kids for lice treatment. We have some remedies that you can try and test at home too. In case of severe issues with lice, these centres are anyway open all days for you.

Top 4 effective treatments to kill lice from hair:

  1. Don’t panic:

Panicking will only make the lice issue worse. The embarrassment and irritability with lice issues may further spoil the health of your child. You must let them know that is it perfectly ok and there are treatments available for the same. Thus, they don’t have to panic about the same.

  1. Try olive oil therapy:

Olive oil helps loosen the lice and nits. The thickness of olive oil also suffocates the lice and does not let them survive on scalp and hair. You need to apply olive oil on hair overnight and cover the head with a shower cap. Next day, shampoo your hair followed by conditioner. Follow the wet comb the hair to remove all the dead and living lice from hair.

  1. Use a blow dryer:

The hot-air methods are highly effective in getting rid of lice and nits. But you need to remember to use blow dryer on freshly washed hair. Avoid using the dryer if you have applied some chemical treatment for lice. It could have inflammable ingredients.

  1. Get doctor’s prescription:

Visit a lice killing centre for further treatment if you find it too difficult to handle on your own. They are highly professional and careful during the treatment. The doctors know the right medications that can help you remove lice in less time and less effort. They may give you some medications to apply and wash. You also get lice shampoos to treat difficult lice and nits.

Get in touch with your nearest centre in Houston for lice treatment and lice protection. You will feel healthier and confident of socializing with no lice.


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