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Lasik Surgery; This Is What You Should Know Before the Procedure

You’ve experienced your fair share of glasses and contact lenses frustrations and can’t wait to get a more permanent solution. You’ve probably regretted going to the beach after the waves led to the loss of lenses, making the rest of your stay not as pleasant. How about accidentally falling asleep with the glasses on, only to break the frames? The possibilities are limitless, and as you consider an ideal solution to your eye problems, Lasik surgery tops the list. The Lasik eye surgery procedure is the most sought-after and successful approach for many people struggling with astigmatism, near and farsightedness. While its impressive satisfaction levels make it a go-to, you need to know a few things to ensure you are on the right track before you jump in. Here are a few details to consider as you go for the Lasik eye surgery procedure.

Pre-surgery instructions are critical

The surgeon has evaluated your situation and established that you are a good Lasik candidate. They’ll provide some instructions to follow as you prepare for the surgery. The common pre-surgery instructions involve not wearing lenses or makeup for at least a week before the procedure. It might not be as convenient for your situation, but it is critical that you follow the instruction to facilitate successful surgery. If, for example, you keep the lenses on, your cornea won’t return to its natural state. This means that the Lasik surgery procedure won’t deliver the best results. On the other hand, makeup, including items such as perfumes, increases infection chances. Following the pre-surgery instructions isn’t such a hassle, but you shouldn’t take them lightly with the significant impact.

Lasik is not foolproof

If a surgeon says you are a great candidate and you’ll realize perfect vision instantly, you should be worried.  Lasik is not a magic fix. Your surgeon must examine your situation to ensure that you are a good candidate and inform you of the possible issues following your situation. You could regain 20/20 vision or better, but in some instances, you can’t be guaranteed perfect vision. You also should be informed of the possible experiences that might not be pleasant. For instance, you might experience dry eyes for some time. Like any surgery, you could experience some complications that might necessitate follow-ups. With such information at hand, you’ll be better prepared should the procedure fail to go to your expectations.

It is a quick and painless surgery

Lasik eye surgery procedure takes, on average, 8 minutes per eye. You won’t feel pain as numbing drops are used to ensure you are comfortable. You won’t be put under, though, but you won’t feel a thing. There are no needles or stitches, making it a lot more comfortable. Following the procedure used, you can realize the result within a few hours after the surgery. This means that you can go about your activities quickly, a recovery period that further makes Lasik an ideal eye problem solution.

Lasik vision correction is a life-changing procedure. It would be best to diligently choose the surgeon to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and productive process. Dig a little deeper to ensure that you make a sound decision, not simply jumping into the bandwagon as you can easily be misled.

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