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Find out the relationship between hemp and CBD

Hemp plant is a variety of cannabis sativa species which are also known as marijuana. The plant is grown for different economic uses however the most ideal one is CBD extraction. You can extract both CBD oil and hemp seed oil from the hemp plant all which have diverse uses if you check the market today. There’s a relationship between hemp and CBD, but they are not the same by definition. Hemp is a plant that produces CBD while CBD is a cannabidiol which is a non-intoxicating compound. CBD can also be harvested from cannabis plant where there is more concentration of THC than CBD. THC is the compound in marijuana responsible for making someone feel high. It is prohibited in numerous countries for various reasons and even the extraction of CBD which is safe is not allowed when cannabis plant is the source. Another marijuana product Bongs which is vaporizer also provide numerous health benefits.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is the blend of cannabidiol extracts that are found from the hemp plant using CO2 extraction mechanisms. CBD oil has more than just CBD component and you might find elements of terpenes or flavonoids in the product you purchase. The compounds once extracted can be infused in various applications ranging from skin care products to food and medicine manufacture. The flavonoids are only used to better the taste, flavor and smell before the product reaches the designated consumer. Check out below the various types of CBD oil in the market today.

Full spectrum CBD oil – this is when CBD oil is harvested from hemp plant but has almost all of the compounds found in cannabis including THC. This is often not ideal for general use because it is the THC element that makes certain cannabis products be banned in various countries. You should check THC amounts in cannabis and hemp products before purchasing just to make sure you do not experience the psychoactive effects.

Broad spectrum CBD oil – In the broad spectrum oil, you will find no element or traces of THC meaning it is safe for general use. The oil might come with different compounds found in cannabis but not THC which is the psychoactive component people try to avoid.

CBD oil has numerous uses as you will find out in the market today. Its anti-convulsive properties make it perfect for fighting epileptic conditions. Its effect on serotonin hormone production makes it a good agent for fighting depression, nausea, addiction and even inflammatory conditions on the skin.

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